Tens of thousands of people are active on various social media platforms right now!

Social media marketing consists of well proposed plans to reach out to these people to meet and to exceed your business goals. In social media marketing, we connect with our audience through various social media platforms using engaging contents in the form of posts, videos, challenges, polls etc. It helps us to build and maintain a huge loyal set of customer base who will eventually help us grow.

The most popular social media platforms right now are Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tik Tok and so on,. Whether you are looking to build a customer base or if you are trying to engage an already existing customer base, social media platforms are what you need.

To evolve as a known brand in social media, you need very precise planning and compelling content ideas. Jackfruit Media has proven experience and has one of the best social marketing teams to help you out!


Social Media Optimization

Optimizing your social profiles to ensure maximum reach.

Social Media Management

Managing and updating all your social profiles regularly.

Social Media Marketing

Posting timely contents that are compelling and engaging in your social media profiles.

Social Influencer Marketing

Identifying relevant social influencers who can bring you more business and pitching marketing ideas to them.

Social Sweepstakes

Conducting challenges and contest to keep up your social profiles lively and to reach out to more people.

Social Media Customer Service

Addressing the queries and problems faced by your customers in social media platforms with favorable solutions.

Social Analytics

Tracking the insights and customer interactions on your social profiles to optimize the contents accordingly.

By delivering the best Social Media Marketing assistance and by covering all aspects of your Social Media requirements we have become the best Social Media Marketing company in Kerala.