While the unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to a halt, this can be taken into your advantage by several means.  Disney came up with Snow White and the seven dwarfs amidst the Great Depression in 1937, despite severe backlash and criticism but it went on to be a huge success. The same applies to the birth of the popular companies that changed the technical world-Microsoft and HP.  

In the context of a continuing health crisis, here are some critical best practices for adjusting digital marketing campaigns:

  • Go online – The situation keeps altering without letting anyone get a hold of it. That makes the daily predictions and anticipations hard for laymen. It automatically implies that people have been spending more than usual time on mobile phones and other gadgets. Companies should try shifting online and make them highly accessible as people are willing to try and test newer products as they have lots of time to kill. If the product presence is made, it can have a drastic effect on sales.

  • Search Engine Optimization – The term makes people automatically think about Google as these words have become synonymous. This simply is the use of many tricks and traits to increase traffic on your website using the keywords so that the users are redirected to the page. What will bump up your traffic is a user-friendly website, with intriguing and quick-to-find relevant data. 

  •  Social Media Marketing – Any business firm would want to connect with the youth and there is no other way to do that than social media platforms. Social distancing and lockdown have made people stay away from each other making the virtual world their best medium. Instagram and Twitter have reported a hike in the usage and the new users on their platform.Hence marketing would seem more appealing to the users and will help drastically in creating an image for your brand.

  • Message and E-mail marketing– Most people now have access to mobile phones and the internet. Hence sending promotional offers, discounts, and updates would be attractive and effective. Particularly at this time, people have time to read through and check various notifications they receive. So it has been proved that notifying users through emails and simple SMS can be useful in its way redirecting customers directly to the page.

While these measures can be effective in its terms, it is vital to let people know what you have been doing and the changes you have gone through. The operation can be quite challenging. Make people aware of the new schemes and changes in your work schedule. It is important to ensure customer satisfaction and goodwill through trust so people keep would want to come back even after the crisis.

People have taken digital marketing as their last resort and different companies have come up with different innovative ad campaigns to promote and create awareness about social distancing and home quarantine. This is another way of letting people know that you care for them and safety comes first during this time of crisis.

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